Our Top 5 Tips for Engagement Ring Shopping

Our Top 5 Tips for Engagement Ring Shopping

Posted By: The Ring Tailor, Tuesday, September 5, 2017

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Engagement ring shopping can be really stressful. With content overload, and a desire to get it right without giving the secret away, you’re probably feeling anxious about who you can ask for advice. Follow our simple tips below to kick start your engagement ring journey.

1. How much to spend on an engagement ring?

When it comes to engagement rings, it’s especially true that you get what you pay for. Once you’ve done a little research on diamond or gemstone costs, prepare a budget based on your finances. It’s good to know what you have available in advance so you know what you can put towards her engagement ring. There are many adages, but it’s important to choose what you can afford. Remember that you are buying a ring that should last a lifetime, an heirloom that can be handed down generations.

2. Retail or custom engagement ring?

It might come as a surprise to some, but custom engagement rings are often no more expensive than their retail, pre-made equivalent. We recommend that you get your engagement ring custom made by a jeweller that you can trust. Retail engagement rings are often made in factories, where the quality and standard of these rings can vary enormously. It’s not uncommon that couples need to have their rings completely re-made elsewhere. If you are time constrained and must buy a pre-made ring, we recommend you purchase it from a manufacturing jeweller to ensure it has been made to the same standards as all their custom pieces.

3. Engagement ring manufacturing methods

Probably the most overlooked part of engagement ring shopping is deciding on the type of manufacturing process of the engagement ring. At a high level, there are broadly two types of processes - Handmade and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). Handmade is where a craftsman hand manufactures the ring from metal materials and follows by adding stones (diamonds or gemstones). CAM, is where a jeweller designs a ring using computer software and then manufactures (or 3D prints) a cast that the ring is made from. Handmade rings are always going to be unique- whereas computer aided designs can be re-used time and time again depending on the jewellers approach.

4. Engagement ring style

You’re proposing with a ring she’ll wear every day so it’s good to work out what will complement her overall style in advance. Take clues from her overall image (what clothing and dress jewellery does she wear?), but also think about what she likes on social media and better yet, keep an eye out for a Pinterest board she might have put together. If you’re not sure, here’s our very simple RING STYLE GUIDE to clue you in. Also have a look at her existing rings or items in her jewellery box for some hints about metal types. Does she wear cool tones of jewellery like silver or white gold or does she go for warmer shades like yellow or rose gold?

5. Which jeweller?

In a world with significant choice, we recommend that you focus on selecting a jeweller that has a good reputation, is known for making rings in the style you need, is registered with the relevant national industry bodies (such as the JAA) and only uses ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones. Also think about what proximity to your jeweller you require- some men are happy to look interstate, but you may be more comfortable engaging face to face with a local. With so much to consider when it comes to engagement ring shopping, RING TAILOR is here to help you bypass the drama and get you focused on proposing with the ultimate engagement ring.