An easy to understand guide on engagement ring styles


The epitome of elegance, classic engagement rings are always fashionable. Considered one of the most loved styles, classic designs often include solitaire or three stone settings which are timeless to suit any style.


She loves the latest trends and a large or showy engagement ring is okay with her. A contemporary take on the classic, this style often incorporates wide bands, open shanks and bezel settings giving it boldness and distinction.


For the one who’s not afraid to flaunt it, this style is the epitome of bling. Popular today, this style includes easy to see diamonds, smaller diamond clusters and halo settings giving the sense of a larger ring.


For the alternative girl who loves feminine and dainty pieces, with a touch of vintage splendor. She has her own unique style, isn’t afraid of setting trends or wearing diamond alternatives.


She adores certain old-fashioned trends from the 1800’s – 1960’s and would adore a little piece of history – old or new. Style periods include Georgian, Art Deco and Victorian which can be recreated with modern touches for a timeless ring.


Well suited to the wearer who already owns delicate pieces. This style is widely composed of varying designs but will consistently feature fine elements such as thin bands and minimalist details.

Thanks to Cassandra Mamone and Natalie Marie Jewellery for allowing us to showcase photos of their beautiful engagement rings.

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