4 Reasons Why you should be part of the Ring Tailor Experience


For a limited time, our engagement ring concierge service is FREE. There is no obligation to commit to a jeweller or ring, it's completely up to you.


We link you directly to independent, manufacturing jewellers only. There is no retail middle man, and we do not charge a mark-up on any jewellery you purchase – so rest assured you are getting the best advice and a direct to manufacturer price. You can work with the jewellers face to face, over the phone or online if you prefer.


We consider the quality of an engagement ring as the most important aspect. How is the ring made, what metal combinations make up the 18 carat gold and how have the diamonds been sourced? These are some traits to consider when deciding on a jeweller. We only refer jewellers who meet our criteria so you know you’ll land an engagement ring that is made with quality and built to last.

We hand-pick independent jewellers (not jewellery chains) who form a part of our RING TAILOR platform. These jewellers share our belief in a quality first approach to every engagement ring made. We continuously evaluate our jewellers including feedback we receive from customers like you, so please let us know how you go- it’s very important to us.


Rest assured that when you use RING TAILOR’s service, everything is done privately. We respect your secrecy and never disclose your contact details so you are always in control of who you contact and when. Please note: You will receive a small number of emails from us as we facilitate the ring process. Please register with a private email address or one that your partner doesn’t have access to !


  1. No shonky jewellers taking you for a ride or talking you into a ring they “need” to sell
  2. None of the embarrassment or stress you might feel when walking into a jeweller that can’t work to your budget
  3. No unexplained disappearances while you visit various jewellers getting ideas and advice – we do the legwork for you